Ciabatta Subs
all 8" & served heated in the oven

Ham   $6   Meatball       $6.50
Genoa $6  Sausage        $6
Cappicola   $6 Eggplant Parmagian   $6
Tuna Fish  $6   Veal Parmigian    $6.50
Italian Combo  $6.5       Chicken Parmigian     $6.50
Turkey       $6   Veal Parmigian    $6.50
                    (Above served with lettuce                (Above served with sauce and provalone)
                 tomato and provalone )         
Cheeseburger           $7  Philly Cheese Steak     $7
Breaded Chicken      $6.50    onions peppers and  american
Grilled Chicken $6.50  
Veggie      $5.50
(above served with lettuce
                   tomato and american)

Burgers & Sandwich
all served with fries and a pickle
substitute sweet potato fries or onion rings for $1.50

8oz Black Angus Burger   $9Grilled Chicken Sandwich   $8
lettuce tomato on wheat rolllettuce tomato cheese on a
add cheese or bacon .50wheat roll
Blackened Chicken Wrap $8    Buffalo Chicken Wrap  $8
lettuce tomato onions peppers      lettuce tomato blue cheese dressing
cheese and ranch dressing
Italian Panini  $8 Turkey Club  $9
cappicola genoa provolonelettuce tomato cheese bacon mayo
roasted peppers pesto    

    small 10"large 16"
House Special  11.7519.25
onions peppers sausage mushroom pepperoni hamburger
Clams Casino   12     18
white garlic roasted peppers clams bacon
The Greek  12     18
white garlic feta tomato olives
Shrimp Pizza   12     18
white garlic artichokes shrimp
Buffalo Chicken     12            18
gorgonzola sauce bacon onion tomatoes
Chicken Broccoli      11           17
white garlic broccoli chicken
Hawaiian              11     17
ham pineapple
Spinach            11    17
white ricotta garlic spinach
Veggie  11            17
tomato garlic broccoli spinach

10" 16"Gluten Free
Small...  $8Large...   $13$11
item...    $1      Item ...   $1.50    Item....  $1

Basic Toppings:
extra cheese, hamburger, ham, bacon, green peppers, black olives, broccoli, mushrooms, spinach, fresh tomatoes, pepperoni, roasted peppers, eggplant, anchovies, sausage, hot peppers, garlic,.
Gourmet Toppings: (additional charge)
chicken, artichokes, shrimp, clams, buffalo chicken


House Special
onions peppers meatball sausage mushrooms  $9.50

Create Your Own 
$9.50 + $1/ topping.
choose from pizza toppings